Homeownership Center


The Macoupin Homeownership Center Can Help!!!

The Macoupin Homeownership Center is a nonprofit corporation that serves the entire Macoupin County area. The Center was established to close the affordable housing gap by providing more affordable housing options to more people.

If you have ever thought about owning your own home, but didn’t think it was possible – or you don’t know how to start the process – THIS IS A MUST FOR YOU!

The first step in turning aspiration into homeownership is to dispel the myths that homeownership is unaffordable or to difficult to obtain, and that certain families fitting within particular stereotypes are unworthy or incapable of homeownership.

Knowledge about homeownership and the home-buying process is the best starting place for you if you want to buy a home of your own.

Together we can bring the American Dream home to more people than ever before. 

The Macoupin Homeownership Center will provide operating support, training, technical assistance, homeownership counseling, and financial education enabling you to own your own home.

Each potential homebuyer will be provided with a customized action plan outlining the steps required to become a homeowner. Ongoing counseling and training will assist you in overcoming barriers ensuring that you have the ability to become a successful, long-term homeowner.

Through housing counseling, you will become aware of the importance of budgeting, how your credit history can help or hurt your chance to receive a mortgage loan, and steps you can take to improve your credit rating. You will also learn how to establish credit, and learn about the dangers of predatory lenders and how to avoid becoming a victim.

The Macoupin Homeownership Center is committed to helping families in our community to overcome the knowledge barrier to homeownership.

To learn more on how to own your own home contact Dionne Wyatt at 217-854-8606 or [email protected]. or Jennifer Smith at [email protected]


The Macoupin Homeownership Center will provide the mechanism that will prepare families to become successful, long-term homeowners by:

  • Increasing the Supply of Affordable Housing:
    By increasing the supply of affordable housing in areas where it is needed most; the Center will help enhance economic development, help attract and retain employees, aid in the revitalization of neighborhoods and add new investment and growth in communities.
  • Offering Homeownership Education & Counseling:
    Potential buyers will be provided with counseling and training in all aspects of household financial management preparing them to become successful, long-term homeowners.
  • Providing Financing Options:
    The first step on the road to homeownership is financing the home.  Having a successful plan to buy a home enables families to improve the prospects for their success and the success of their children, while also accumulating equity, which may be used for retirement or left in an estate for the family.
  • Providing Assistance with Down Payment & Closing Costs:
    The Center is designed to help families overcome one of the most common obstacles to homeownership – high down payment and closing costs.  The Center will expand their options by providing new opportunities to acquire the necessary capital making the homeownership dream a reality.
  • Offering Economic Independence & Self-Sufficiency Support Services:
    Potential buyers will be provided with a variety of services and programs specifically developed to promote job skills training, financial literacy and personal growth.


  • Fair Housing Assistance
  • Home Improvement and Rehabilitation Counseling
  • Homebuyer Education Programs
  • Loss Mitigation
  • Mobility and Relocation Counseling
  • Money Debt Management
  • Mortgage Delinquency and Default Resolution Counseling
  • Post-Purchase Counseling
  • Pre-Purchase Counseling
  • Renters Assistance
  • Services for Homeless