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How do I apply?

  1. Visit our office, located at 760 Anderson Street, Carlinville, Illinois.
  2. Call us at 1-217-854-8606, or Toll Free at 866-363-5142, and request that we mail an application to you.

We will give or send you an application to be completed.  The application has a cover letter that explains what documentation is needed and how to make an appointment for an Application Interview.

How many waiting lists does MCHA have?

We have nine waiting lists; each waiting list represents a town where we have rental apartments.

Which of your waiting lists are open?

All nine waiting lists are currently open.

How many waiting lists can I be on at one time?

You may be on all nine waiting lists at the same time.

What are your income limits?

Income limits are based on the size of your family.  Generally, adjusted household income must not exceed 80% of the area median household income for Macoupin County, Illinois.  Our current income limits for admission to the Macoupin County Housing Authority are:

For a family of:

Adjusted household income must not exceed:

One Person


Two People


Three People


Four People


Five People


Six People


Seven People


Eight People


Do you have a Section 8 program, or Housing Choice Voucher Program?


Can I have a pet?

Yes, however, you must fill out a Pet Application, pay a pet deposit, and abide by the terms of our Pet Policy.

Can I live in Public Housing if I have a criminal background?

All applicants must undergo a criminal background check.

Do you have handicap accessible apartments?

Yes, if you click on the link above that is marked Locations, you’ll see a list of our developments.  You can check each development to see if it has handicap accessible apartments, and if it does, how many are located at that particular development.

A notice was posted on my door because I haven’t paid rent. Can I wait until next month to pay?

No, your rent is due on the 1st day of the month.  You must pay by the due date or your account will be turned over to the Authority’s Attorney for collection.  You will also be assessed a $1.00 per day late fee.